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Bypass proxy server using “UltraSurf” on Ubuntu !!


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Update Error : “Requires installation of untrusted packages”

If you clicked on “Install Updates” button in update manager (or did “sudo apt-get update” via CLI) and you got this error message then installation stops at that point. So, how to solve it ?? There are different ways to solve it as the error occurs depending on your action which caused to mess your … Continue reading

Recover Lost Grub of Ubuntu.

This post will be helpful to people with dual booted laptops with Ubuntu and Windows. If by any chance your Windows crashes or has some serious problem with it, then you have no option other than formatting Windows ,but the problem occurs when you have dual booted PC with Ubuntu and Windows and you format … Continue reading

E-R Diagram for Hospital Management System

This is my first E-R diagram for my first Mini Project on Hospital Management System.

Your custom search engine !

Here is one cool trick to make your custom search engine just like GOOGLE. Try following link : Click Here¬†and write your name in enter your name field. You have created your own search engine You can even save this as your home page also Enjoy!  

How to change name in IP Messenger?

Few days ago one my room-mate asked me how to change his name in IP Messenger? I thought it would be simple but when I tried, I came to know that it is not that easy for a normal user (& very DIFFICULT for a newbie in windows). I thought for a while, but couldn’t … Continue reading


One of the biggest festival of India is back again : “COEP MINDSPARK“ MindSpark this year is going to be even bigger and better, with 44 new events, 5 workshops, interesting KEY NOTE LECTURES and a lot more. For more details logon to our WEBSITE¬†.