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7 Tips for WordPress Beginners !

7 Tips for WordPress Beginners !

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15 Common grammar mistakes that you should avoid !

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Time Machine

“Time Machine”, all of you might have heard this word at least once in your life time, if not the word itself suggests the meaning. Till now it was in the virtual world (world in which a lot of “technical, hypothetical” things are being tested). But the news that an experiment at the European Organisation … Continue reading

Why You Should Not Badmouth Your Ex?

IN most relationships, when things don’t end on a happy note, what’s left is dejection, hurt, resentment and heartbreak. How you decide to channel these emotions can determine how fast you heal emotionally. However, is taking a mature stand demanding a lot from a person who is heartbroken? The answer to this question varies according … Continue reading


One of the biggest festival of India is back again : “COEP MINDSPARK“ MindSpark this year is going to be even bigger and better, with 44 new events, 5 workshops, interesting KEY NOTE LECTURES and a lot more. For more details logon to our WEBSITE .

Beginning !

Welcome to abhijaypatne.WordPress.com. This is the very first article of my blog, so if you are a newbie on wordpress.com or any other blogging site, this might be of little use for you, because many people keep thinking from where to start with. I don’t guarantee you will be thankful to me because, as I … Continue reading