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Bypass proxy server using “UltraSurf” on Ubuntu !!

1] Install Wine or Q4Wine from specified debian packages. (or Go to “Applications -> Ubuntu Software Centre ” and search for Wine /Q4wine and click install)

2] Download required dll files (mfc42.dll ,msvcp60.dll) from here.

3] Copy the two dll files to
Note: To open /.wine (hidden) folder, open Home folder then press CTR+H. Now “.wine” folder will be  visible in home folder.

4] Download UltraSurf from here.

5] Run UltraSurf with the help of Wine or Q4Wine .

Change system’s (or browser’s) proxy to (go to “System -> Preferences -> Network Proxy”)

http/https/ftp/socks proxy :

port : 9666

Enjoy !!



13 thoughts on “Bypass proxy server using “UltraSurf” on Ubuntu !!

  1. It works. Thanks.

    Posted by Heru Susilo | 09/06/2012, 23:46
  2. Not working in my Ubuntu desktop. Does anyone know any alternate?

    Posted by ajit | 16/10/2012, 15:14
  3. Help when i try to run it after i put the dll files in the right place, it said cannot find ,msvcp60.dll

    Posted by Keanu | 24/10/2012, 02:55
  4. i got two files of fixes mention here, but both of that has .exe extension not .dll, what to do??

    Posted by aakash | 14/03/2014, 13:04


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