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E-R Diagram for Hospital Management System

This is my first E-R diagram for my first Mini Project on Hospital Management System.


114 thoughts on “E-R Diagram for Hospital Management System

  1. how the treatment
    and equipment is weak entity???

    Posted by sopan | 30/01/2012, 08:02
  2. enter the question for e-r diagram too plzzzzz……….

    Posted by rahul kathuria | 08/02/2012, 18:52
  3. what does a triangle signify here? “is a” is in triangle

    Posted by jahanvi | 23/02/2012, 03:48
  4. It will be right that The Hospital Management systems is very easy to maintain, cost-effective, scalable and get with well known price.

    Posted by temmyliear | 01/03/2012, 05:28
  5. what are these double lines showing towards nurse??

    Posted by shaize | 26/03/2012, 09:10
  6. Im stucked with the same Hospital management System digram .. My one is a lil different than urs .. ur diagram helped me alot .thnks dude ..

    Posted by Vaishnavy | 31/03/2012, 03:58
  7. Sorry double *ellipse

    Posted by Naveen | 08/04/2012, 10:53
  8. good

    Posted by desrftgyj | 16/04/2012, 03:27
  9. What does double dotted ellipse and single dotted ellipse specify?

    Posted by Rajan | 18/04/2012, 09:21
  10. are these relationships one to many or many to many how do we know it?

    Posted by kuppxx | 01/05/2012, 10:59
  11. Thanks man is is the good job u did ,it help me on board exam ,

    Posted by Suniel khatiwada,kathmandu,nepal | 02/05/2012, 23:57
  12. What is the difference between attributes ID and Record No.? Which have same values?

    Posted by shobha | 03/05/2012, 08:29
  13. thank u.ur diagram helped me a lot in my minipriject

    Posted by surabhi | 06/07/2012, 23:52
  14. since this er diagram is sooo tough to make…………..wt can we do…….plsss suggest bro…..

    Posted by abirami | 14/07/2012, 08:01
  15. Xcellent job…………

    Posted by kowshika | 22/07/2012, 08:37
  16. Gud job…..you can give somemore explanations……….

    Posted by shalini | 22/07/2012, 08:40
  17. what are the segments of the diagram?

    Posted by dooom | 22/07/2012, 21:44
  18. Hey abhijay! Thanx a lot for posting…dis ws very helpful buddy..plz could you help for more diagrams like on library system,payroll system of PU,Hotel management?? rply soon..thanxπŸ™‚

    Posted by apurva | 03/08/2012, 12:10
  19. i want d assumptions..plz…cn u help….

    Posted by harshitha | 27/08/2012, 04:12
  20. what is ISA?

    Posted by shalini singh | 07/09/2012, 14:12
    • ISA is a keyword used to specify connection between Generalized Entities and Specialized Entities. In this case Employee is a generalized object whereas doctor is specialized entity hence doctor ISA employee.
      Hope this helps.

      Posted by Abhijay Patne | 08/09/2012, 02:51
  21. thanx abhi

    Posted by seema chaudhary | 09/09/2012, 21:24
  22. good work…got helpd a lot..:)

    Posted by Dimple Garg | 15/09/2012, 08:14
  23. great job dude….

    Posted by pallavi | 24/09/2012, 07:37
  24. hey can u giv me the relation for the hospital mangement plss if u can

    Posted by RUKHSHAR MANSURI | 07/10/2012, 00:27
  25. wat is the foreign key in the above diagram?

    Posted by fasi | 13/10/2012, 16:15
  26. & wat will be the bottom up approach for this ER Diagram?

    Posted by fasi | 13/10/2012, 16:41
    • This ER diagram has been designed with bottom up approach. In Bottom up approach, you first design whole database schema, define hierarchy and relations between entities and when everything is finalized, you draw the diagram.

      Posted by Abhijay Patne | 19/10/2012, 11:28
  27. thnx dude

    Posted by fasi | 21/10/2012, 20:45
  28. what does it mean by ISA there?

    Posted by nadia | 27/10/2012, 17:23
  29. good

    Posted by osho | 31/10/2012, 03:18
  30. Thank U , So helpful Example (Y) !

    Posted by Riham | 18/11/2012, 14:04

    Posted by AWAN | 23/11/2012, 06:34
  32. hey can u help me out with my erd…?? it is the same topic… but with different entities.. and we have to make it in a Crow’s foot notation…

    Posted by meow18meow | 04/12/2012, 08:52
  33. ABHIJAY PATNE thanx yaar
    ur Diagram along with the Comments _/\_ for you man
    it helped Me a lot

    Posted by Pranil Dukare | 03/02/2013, 19:58
  34. please tell which book i refer for DBMS

    Posted by vanashri nigade | 16/02/2013, 06:50
  35. thank you.

    Posted by vanashri nigade | 24/02/2013, 00:11
  36. hi brother ..iam working on the hospital management mini project.. i need to display all the fields by getting the id as a input that is supposed to be the primary key of my table..i have chosen vb.net for this.. let me know the required code to retrieve the info from database and display in the front end ..pls do help..

    Posted by bhuvijourns | 12/04/2013, 08:52
  37. what is ISA ??

    Posted by hamza smadi | 13/04/2013, 10:12
  38. good one….

    Posted by Sagar Tikore | 15/06/2013, 11:39
  39. nic

    Posted by Just_P | 24/07/2013, 07:14
  40. very good job….

    Posted by Pallavi Deokar | 04/08/2013, 23:38
  41. what is meant by ISA?

    Posted by sidra | 03/12/2013, 08:18
  42. Id just like to say this diagram and the below comments helped me out a ton. Thanks for taking the time out to individually answer EVERYONE who posted. Keep up the great work

    Posted by XODOHTRONU | 04/12/2013, 21:01
  43. pls give the detailed description for the above diagram/..

    Posted by Priscilla B | 03/02/2014, 02:25
  44. plss helping me out…:(:(
    whts the meaning of ias..!!!

    Posted by gupta.payal16@yahoo.com | 19/04/2014, 08:44
  45. I am interested with this,

    Posted by archan kumar | 26/09/2014, 12:38
  46. Please tel me about DBMS book for deep study

    Posted by archan kumar | 26/09/2014, 13:01
  47. can u help me in coding for my final year project?

    Posted by kanwal | 09/01/2015, 02:14
    • What is the idea of your project?
      Where are you in your project implementation?

      If idea interests me, I’ll definitely help you.

      Posted by Abhijay Patne | 14/01/2015, 15:28
      • I Need an ER Diagram Of Hospital Managemet System and explanation …its not to be lengthy

        Posted by Vikram Kumar | 14/08/2015, 08:32
      • As in?

        Posted by Abhijay Patne | 26/08/2015, 03:27
      • I want Tree Programming with source code in c .

        Posted by Vikram Kumar | 28/08/2015, 13:29
      • I Need a simple Tree not in Binary condition and the tree in which nodes are having varying more than 2 child. like a tree contain one node 3 child and another 5 child
        …..ITS URGENT

        Posted by Vikram Kumar | 28/08/2015, 13:32
  48. Can u tell me all entities and attributes used in this er diagram.

    Posted by Parv | 14/04/2015, 12:11
  49. hii u should have mentioned the relationship between the entities

    Posted by kaustubhDeval | 23/07/2015, 03:42
  50. for the ‘is a’ concept here, each of the nurse, doctor hav the saem attributes as an emplyee right? how should the schema be specified for entities like doctor, nurse?
    each of doctor nurse are a table in the DB?? wat will be its atributes?

    Posted by Aakarsh | 28/08/2015, 07:35
  51. hii can u tell me what are constraints(conditions) in it nd how we donote them in diagram

    Posted by rajesh | 27/09/2015, 05:26
  52. dude, I think this a better er diagram compared to mine……………….thanks alot

    Posted by Kenneth RAnyyeta | 14/04/2016, 10:23

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