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How to change name in IP Messenger?

Few days ago one my room-mate asked me how to change his name in IP Messenger? I thought it would be simple but when I tried, I came to know that it is not that easy for a normal user (& very DIFFICULT for a newbie in windows). I thought for a while, but couldn’t get any solution. My room-mate was like “What a Computer Engineer? shame on you.” I also felt ashamed of mine, so I decided to find it. Yesterday, while playing with some properties of Control Panel, I found the solution. Here it is:


1] Right click “Computer” -> Properties, One window will appear giving “Basic information about your Compute”

2] On left panel, click “System Protection” go to “Computer Name” -> “Change”. In this window give desired name in “computer Name” field.

See the change.


Go to “Control Panel” -> User Accounts -> Change your account name.

Restart the computer and see the change.


I have tried this on Windows 7, anyone with Windows XP & Vista try this and post your answers.

Thank you.



2 thoughts on “How to change name in IP Messenger?

  1. There is another easy way that is right click on your IP Messenger system tray icon click settings a window will open select Basic/LAN Settings.In User Name field change your name.

    IP Messenger(Tray Icon)->Settings->Basic/LAN Settings->User Name

    You cannot change other people user name from your system which are in the IP Messenger list.They have to be change from that particular system.
    If any doubt mail me at birender_sharma@yahoo.co.in

    Posted by Birender Sharma | 07/10/2011, 06:12
    • Yes, the other way as specified by you is also correct. Thank you for making me aware of it. Keep visiting & commenting. Sorry for replying late. I had approved your comment from an e-mail received to me, so I thought you might get reply automatically.

      Posted by Abhijay Patne | 10/11/2011, 15:34

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